Australian subcontractors in crisis unless governments act now

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Peak body calls for urgent intervention Thousands of Australian subcontractors continue to be forced into insolvency due to building and construction companies that are failing to pay, despite government attempts to address the issue. The Australian Subcontractors Association (ASA) is calling for the Federal Government to step up and take responsibility before it’s too late. It follows the latest company …

Government Procurement Inquiry

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The Commission is inquiring into the efficiency and effectiveness of State Government goods and services procurement. The inquiry will examine the existing procurement framework and consider insights from other jurisdictions to identify reform options that improve procurement practices to positively impact on business and employment. Read more online  

Proposal to ‘name and shame’ phoenix operators

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The federal opposition has flagged a proposal that would publicly “name and shame” company directors that deliberately avoid paying suppliers and others through illegal phoenix activity. Read more online  

Positive Changes To Payroll Tax Legislation

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Dear friends of Jonas and Associates, On the 12th of November the changes to the Payroll Tax Thresholds became law providing relief for stretched cash flows and reducing the administrative burden to small business owners. The new thresholds provide business owners an exemption for payrolls of less than $1,500,000.00. Businesses with payrolls, between $1,500, 001 and $1,700,000 will be required …

Payroll Tax Relief became law on 12th November 2018

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“Unfortunately, the laws regarding contractors’ payments being classed as wages is still in place e.g. if you contracted with one contractor for more than 90 days, those payments will be treated as wages. This part of the act is causing carnage with payroll tax of $50k and $350k. This is a sleeper as this has been under the radar, it …